These last few weeks

Recently we took a trip down to New Hampshire to visit Hayley and Evan at their new place. It was a hot, hot day, but we spent part of it in the air conditioned comfort of Dover Saddlery. Mom was in horse heaven. Before we left that evening, we visited outside a bit and Nora had an impromptu music lesson. (Well, she actually just played around. I don't think Evan knows how to play the trumpet.) Hayley and Eli.
The next big event of our summer was the fourth of July. We enjoyed visiting and eating good food. We also played plenty of Crazy Taxi, our favorite old school video game that has become an annual tradition.

I don't have any shots of Kalen, but my guess is that when I got out the camera he was probably inside working on his Crazy Taxi skills.
We've stayed quite busy this summer, with plenty of visiting family and friends. I'll leave you with a few shots of the kids on those rare days we find ourselves at home. Hope everyone is having a wonderful, relaxing summer. Enjoy this weather and remember it when February rolls around!