To market, to market...

There really are some great local farmer's markets in Maine, and Nora and I were lucky enough to go to two of them this weekend, starting Friday. While we waited for Shane to finish up his day at work, we walked around town, ending up at the weekly outdoor market, where we ran into some friends.
There were some beautiful, handmade products for sale, along with baked goods, plants and a bit of produce, though it's early in the season here for vegetables. Nora especially liked all the flowers. She has recently learned how to smell things, and gets a kick out of sticking her nose in any nearby plants.
On Saturday we went to another market, farther south this time. Shane came with us, and though we didn't buy anything, there was plenty to see; dogs of all sizes (not for sale), delicious cheeses and breads, seafood, and even handmade furniture.
This really is one of our favorite things to do, just take a weekend morning and spend it lazily exploring. This is definitely a luxury for us, even if we don't buy anything. For years Shane has worked weekends, and up until this past year, he was working mornings and nights on the weekends. I really appreciate having him around to have fun with us on these Saturdays and Sundays.
We're back home now for the week, but getting started on the packing and sorting for our big move. There is also a yard sale this weekend down south, so we will be bringing lots of stuff to it, and hopefully put a big dent in the amount of junk we have to cart with us.
Well, have a nice Memorial Day everyone. I think Nora's going to celebrate today by getting a bath. What a spoiled child she is!


After a long day spent outside yesterday, Nora and I are back home. The weather was amazing- sunny, warm and windy. For most of the day there was enough of a breeze to keep the black flies away, which as many of you know is key. Without a breeze, the beautiful weather goes to waste and you have to hole up inside until the swarms go away. Thankfully, we got to enjoy this:
Nora and Camella beelined it for the sandbox and sat themselves down right in the middle of it.
After digging for a few minutes and watching me make ‘birthday cakes’ with a bucket as the mold, Nora decided to try the cake out for herself.
We got out of the sandbox soon after and found a big patch of dandelions and Ju-Ju the cat. Nora was very interested in the cat:
And even more interested in the dandelions:
Finally, at the end of the day I tried to convince Camella that we might want to go inside to avoid the approaching cloud of insects headed our way. She and Nora already each had a significant amount of bites, so she agreed. Now Nora and I are back home, relaxing with each other until we head back to the farm tomorrow.


Good morning, everyone! Nora and I are leaving momentarily to go babysit (and play) with our friend Camella. Just wanted to pop in and wish you all a lovely day!


Sorry everyone! I just want you to know I've got a lovely new post all written, but I took all our weekend pictures in RAW format and Blogger won't let me upload them in that format! I'm not sure if I can convert them somehow (if you know how, tell me!) so I can't show you all the fun we had in Bar Harbor with Nora's Great-Grandma! I'm working on this, though, so hopefully I'll figure it out. Until then, I'll just have to revert to shooting in Basic format so I can post pictures for you all to see. Unfortunately, that means I don't have a lot to show you right now. Nora did find a new favorite mode of transportation:And she also has a new favorite toy- an old soccer ball that Hayley found near the woods:Obviously this girl doesn't require a lot in the way of expensive toys. (Not that we give her the opportunity...)
Okay, I'm off to figure out how to format NEF's from RAW to something readable! Sounds fun, doesn't it?


Welcome back to the weekdays, everyone! Hopefully you had a nice weekend doing something you enjoy. Nora and I spent the weekend at my parent's house while Shane was away working, as usual. (The poor boy never stops, I tell you!) I was able to go for a nice, long bike ride with Diana while Mom baby-sat, and when we got back, dinner was just being set on the table. Talk about feeling pampered!
Saturday Nora and I headed into town to check out a cool European farmer's market that happens at a local greenhouse every Saturday. There was so much delicious looking food, but we finally settled on some homemade turnovers, salsa and foccacia. There wasn't a lot in the way of vegetable to choose from yet, but plenty of flowers!
We headed home to visit with Hayley before she had to leave for work, then Nora took a nice, long nap. Two hours long, in fact! It might have been a record.
Sunday was another exciting day- I got to go for a bike ride and a long swim with the babysitting help of Hayley, who was then relieved of her position when Shane came home early. Thanks, Hayley! And don't worry- we'll provide plenty of other babysitting opportunities!
I left the camera over at my parent's house, so until I make it back there, I'll have to supplement with what I can find. Have a nice day!



A quick note before I sign off for the weekend- check out this review of Brevetto on the Downeast site. Nice job, Josh and family!

A Day at the Races

Yesterday Nora attended her first track meet. It was to watch Sarah, one of the girls we've been chauffeuring, and she had a great meet, beating her personal best in the long jump. Nora, however, wasn't really paying attention to Sarah. Instead, she was watching the hundreds of other kids milling around, yelling to each other, and cheering one another on. It was a little overwhelming for her, I think.
Within ten minutes of arriving, a storm began brewing. Clouds enveloped the sky until there wasn't a hint of sun, and dark, ominous thunderheads moved into the area. Occasionally the rumble of thunder could be heard, and every few minutes I would glimpse a flash in the distance. A few families began moving towards their cars, while some sought out a safer, higher, more metallic place to wait.
No, just kidding. These people came down as soon as the announcement was made that the meet would be postponed for twenty minutes until the weather system passed. Nora and I loaded up our jogger and snacks and walked over to the school to wait. Under the overhang we could watch the storm without the risk of getting soaked, which we would have had we been out in the open.
Towards the end of the storm the sun came out and we saw this little gem shining up at us from the ground. Can you see it?
Finally the rain let up and the meet was resumed, steaming track and all.
Nora had had enough, though, and was ready to leave.
Fortunately, Sarah was finished with her events, so we headed home, where the spring rain had brightened everything in it's path.
Have a great weekend, everyone!


On The Go

Does anyone remember the Richard Scarry books we had as kids? There were lots of different titles, like The Please and Thank You Book, and Cars and Trucks and Things That Go. One that sticks out in my mind lately is Busy, Busy Town. The book is full of all the different activities happening within the fictional town. For the last few days I've felt like Nora and I were in Busy Town. We've been doing a favor for a friend who is out of town by driving her kids to and from their practices, games, school and home. Honestly, if Nora takes part in a third of what these girls are doing, she'll be a busy kid! On top of all this driving Nora and I have managed to fit in a bit of our own activities:
The, um, monthly ritual of a bath:
Having chocolate (yes,chocolate) graham crackers in the car:
Then having a meltdown when we ran out:
Practicing her standing:
Climbing on Mom outside:
And, of course, giving Mom a kiss:
We're very busy here in our little world!


A New Set of Wheels

It wasn't my intention to write another post about Shane, but then he came home last night. It was very late- he had taught all day and then helped out at the restaurant in Camden. I knew he was exhausted and would just want to go to sleep, but he kept pestering me to come out into the hallway so he could show me something. Nora had just fallen asleep and was still tossing and turning a bit, so I declined. Finally, he gave up and got into bed to lay with Nora while I went to brush my teeth. Imagine my surprise when I walked out of the bedroom and found this lovely present waiting for me:It took a second to register that this was not Shane's bike and he had actually bought me my own; the very one, in fact, that I had been eyeing in a local bike shop. I was bowled over. I quickly ran back into the bedroom and, in a very loud whisper said, "What have you done?!"
"Happy Mother's Day!" he replied.
What a lovely present from a wonderful guy. I've started training for a triathlon with Diana (remember the Acadia post?) and obviously part of the training should include biking. Now I have an awesome bike to use, in addition to fulfilling Shane's dream of biking with me. I showed Nora the bike this morning to see what she thought. I think she was pretty impressed.
"Mom, look, it has pedals!"
"And I think I see handlebars!"
"Yup, no doubt. Dad's a good catch."
(Thank you, Shane!)


A little over five years ago, Shane and I met. We started talking on the phone, spending evenings going to Dysart's for pie or icecream (or both), and hanging out at his apartment. Relatively soon after we both realized that our time together was getting a little more serious. He invited me out to Ohio and a camping trip with his family. (Yes, in Amish country.)
It was during this trip that Shane first, how should I say, let something loose in front of me. He, *ahem*, passed the gas. If only my reaction had been a little more unforgiving my life might be a little easier now. But that's another story.
We went on to have many adventures together both during and after college. Once graduated, we headed down to St. John in the US Virgin Islands in the hopes of staying there for a season. We lasted less than two months, but we had a good time.Occasionally, Shane would get stuck in his clothing.
Basically, we had a good time together. Then we got married, and we had even more fun.
So it's kind of amazing to me that after those years of carefree time spent together, trips to Ohio, to Sugarloaf, to the coast, to the mountains, an amazing wedding, a house bought and sold- the most fun we've ever had together is right here:
We're pretty lucky.

(And as a little side note for the proud grandparents- Nora has used her new little potty twice this morning!)


Just thought I would stop by for a quick second to let everyone know that Nora is really keeping up with her oral hygiene. I know you were worried.Have a great weekend!


A Night Out

As mentioned in the previous post, Shane and I recently took Nora to the opening of our brother-in-law's restaurant, Brevetto. Shane had a meeting and wasn't able to drive with us to the restaurant, so Hayley picked Nora and I up and we met him there. I arrived a bit early (okay, like an hour and a half early, not knowing the reservation time) and spent the extra time walking around Camden and checking out the super high river. I think Nora was impressed with the roaring falls. We also spent a bit of time hanging out in the restaurant, in a cool little area that I think is probably actually for the wine bar guests.
Doesn't that just look warm and cozy? It was.
Eventually everyone showed up and we took another little walk together to check out the new Camden version of Sage Market as Josh and his kitchen were a little backed up. I drooled over the awesome local goat cheese for sale while Kalen pocketed a little chocolate to save for later. Tara convinced him to put it back by distracting him with the monster waterfall outside. It was pretty amazing, but not worth giving up that chocolate, in my opinion.
We headed back to the restaurant and had a seat at the long, family-style table that accommodated our big group perfectly.
Hayley looks very excited here. She hadn't eaten yet.
The menu was handed out and we all looked over it, talking amongst each other to figure out who was ordering what, as we ransacked the bread bowl.
There were so many great choices, and I had plans to photograph every single one, but I only got as far as the appetizer. After the first bite, my plans were out the window and eating was my only goal.
This is the Bruschetta Trio, vegetarian style. Hayley ordered the dish in it's original form, and from her reaction it was just as good. In case anyone is wondering, the toppings are, from left to right, baby greens over hummus, a wild mushroom saute with sprouts, and a dice of cucumbers with this amazing mix of herbs. Honestly, I have no idea what Josh did to that last cucumber piece but it was awesome. So fresh, and crunchy and herb-y. (Yes, herb-y.)
The rest of the meal followed suit with pasta carbonara that had huge chunks of guanciale (think bacon on steroids) that I've been dreaming of since, and a half chicken with rosemary fries I didn't even come close to finishing. I was ridiculously full at the end of it, but we're already looking forward to going back possibly (gasp!) without Nora, like, on a real date. It's been, oh, about ten and a half months since that has happened!
Kalen and Nora were just so awesome throughout the meal. Yes, they each may have had the occasional meltdown-
but they quickly got over it. Our table got more than one comment regarding how 'well-behaved' our children were.
I was so proud. (Nice photography here, Hayley!)
All in all it was a wonderful, filling, meal. Josh and his crew still have a few kinks to work out, but that's what friends (and family) are for, right? And we're always willing to lend our empty stomachs up for a good cause!