A New Set of Wheels

It wasn't my intention to write another post about Shane, but then he came home last night. It was very late- he had taught all day and then helped out at the restaurant in Camden. I knew he was exhausted and would just want to go to sleep, but he kept pestering me to come out into the hallway so he could show me something. Nora had just fallen asleep and was still tossing and turning a bit, so I declined. Finally, he gave up and got into bed to lay with Nora while I went to brush my teeth. Imagine my surprise when I walked out of the bedroom and found this lovely present waiting for me:It took a second to register that this was not Shane's bike and he had actually bought me my own; the very one, in fact, that I had been eyeing in a local bike shop. I was bowled over. I quickly ran back into the bedroom and, in a very loud whisper said, "What have you done?!"
"Happy Mother's Day!" he replied.
What a lovely present from a wonderful guy. I've started training for a triathlon with Diana (remember the Acadia post?) and obviously part of the training should include biking. Now I have an awesome bike to use, in addition to fulfilling Shane's dream of biking with me. I showed Nora the bike this morning to see what she thought. I think she was pretty impressed.
"Mom, look, it has pedals!"
"And I think I see handlebars!"
"Yup, no doubt. Dad's a good catch."
(Thank you, Shane!)


Ashleigh Garrett Long said...

AWESOME! i knew about this...he couldnt wait till sunday,huh? i gave him a better idea for you, so we'll see if he does that too:) that one was free, though!

ToJen said...

I never had a doubt what a GREAT catch my little guy would be!!!! You make your mom proud and it wasn't a deep fryer! Way to go Shaner!!!!