Welcome back to the weekdays, everyone! Hopefully you had a nice weekend doing something you enjoy. Nora and I spent the weekend at my parent's house while Shane was away working, as usual. (The poor boy never stops, I tell you!) I was able to go for a nice, long bike ride with Diana while Mom baby-sat, and when we got back, dinner was just being set on the table. Talk about feeling pampered!
Saturday Nora and I headed into town to check out a cool European farmer's market that happens at a local greenhouse every Saturday. There was so much delicious looking food, but we finally settled on some homemade turnovers, salsa and foccacia. There wasn't a lot in the way of vegetable to choose from yet, but plenty of flowers!
We headed home to visit with Hayley before she had to leave for work, then Nora took a nice, long nap. Two hours long, in fact! It might have been a record.
Sunday was another exciting day- I got to go for a bike ride and a long swim with the babysitting help of Hayley, who was then relieved of her position when Shane came home early. Thanks, Hayley! And don't worry- we'll provide plenty of other babysitting opportunities!
I left the camera over at my parent's house, so until I make it back there, I'll have to supplement with what I can find. Have a nice day!

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Ashleigh Garrett Long said...

ok, shes adorable...but really-2nd picture-MONKEY BABY...even the grasp on the stick she's enjoying...hilarous