To market, to market...

There really are some great local farmer's markets in Maine, and Nora and I were lucky enough to go to two of them this weekend, starting Friday. While we waited for Shane to finish up his day at work, we walked around town, ending up at the weekly outdoor market, where we ran into some friends.
There were some beautiful, handmade products for sale, along with baked goods, plants and a bit of produce, though it's early in the season here for vegetables. Nora especially liked all the flowers. She has recently learned how to smell things, and gets a kick out of sticking her nose in any nearby plants.
On Saturday we went to another market, farther south this time. Shane came with us, and though we didn't buy anything, there was plenty to see; dogs of all sizes (not for sale), delicious cheeses and breads, seafood, and even handmade furniture.
This really is one of our favorite things to do, just take a weekend morning and spend it lazily exploring. This is definitely a luxury for us, even if we don't buy anything. For years Shane has worked weekends, and up until this past year, he was working mornings and nights on the weekends. I really appreciate having him around to have fun with us on these Saturdays and Sundays.
We're back home now for the week, but getting started on the packing and sorting for our big move. There is also a yard sale this weekend down south, so we will be bringing lots of stuff to it, and hopefully put a big dent in the amount of junk we have to cart with us.
Well, have a nice Memorial Day everyone. I think Nora's going to celebrate today by getting a bath. What a spoiled child she is!


Hayley said...

That's a pretty rad mohawk.

Ashleigh Garrett Long said...

nora needs a pair of punky bruster tights like camella's!