A Night Out

As mentioned in the previous post, Shane and I recently took Nora to the opening of our brother-in-law's restaurant, Brevetto. Shane had a meeting and wasn't able to drive with us to the restaurant, so Hayley picked Nora and I up and we met him there. I arrived a bit early (okay, like an hour and a half early, not knowing the reservation time) and spent the extra time walking around Camden and checking out the super high river. I think Nora was impressed with the roaring falls. We also spent a bit of time hanging out in the restaurant, in a cool little area that I think is probably actually for the wine bar guests.
Doesn't that just look warm and cozy? It was.
Eventually everyone showed up and we took another little walk together to check out the new Camden version of Sage Market as Josh and his kitchen were a little backed up. I drooled over the awesome local goat cheese for sale while Kalen pocketed a little chocolate to save for later. Tara convinced him to put it back by distracting him with the monster waterfall outside. It was pretty amazing, but not worth giving up that chocolate, in my opinion.
We headed back to the restaurant and had a seat at the long, family-style table that accommodated our big group perfectly.
Hayley looks very excited here. She hadn't eaten yet.
The menu was handed out and we all looked over it, talking amongst each other to figure out who was ordering what, as we ransacked the bread bowl.
There were so many great choices, and I had plans to photograph every single one, but I only got as far as the appetizer. After the first bite, my plans were out the window and eating was my only goal.
This is the Bruschetta Trio, vegetarian style. Hayley ordered the dish in it's original form, and from her reaction it was just as good. In case anyone is wondering, the toppings are, from left to right, baby greens over hummus, a wild mushroom saute with sprouts, and a dice of cucumbers with this amazing mix of herbs. Honestly, I have no idea what Josh did to that last cucumber piece but it was awesome. So fresh, and crunchy and herb-y. (Yes, herb-y.)
The rest of the meal followed suit with pasta carbonara that had huge chunks of guanciale (think bacon on steroids) that I've been dreaming of since, and a half chicken with rosemary fries I didn't even come close to finishing. I was ridiculously full at the end of it, but we're already looking forward to going back possibly (gasp!) without Nora, like, on a real date. It's been, oh, about ten and a half months since that has happened!
Kalen and Nora were just so awesome throughout the meal. Yes, they each may have had the occasional meltdown-
but they quickly got over it. Our table got more than one comment regarding how 'well-behaved' our children were.
I was so proud. (Nice photography here, Hayley!)
All in all it was a wonderful, filling, meal. Josh and his crew still have a few kinks to work out, but that's what friends (and family) are for, right? And we're always willing to lend our empty stomachs up for a good cause!


Ashleigh Garrett Long said...

FANCY SCHMANSY! i wanna go

tarambarker said...

Thanks for such a great review!

Wouldn't it be nice to go to a restaurant without your offspring? It's been about 2 1/2 YEARS since Josh and I have done it!