A little over five years ago, Shane and I met. We started talking on the phone, spending evenings going to Dysart's for pie or icecream (or both), and hanging out at his apartment. Relatively soon after we both realized that our time together was getting a little more serious. He invited me out to Ohio and a camping trip with his family. (Yes, in Amish country.)
It was during this trip that Shane first, how should I say, let something loose in front of me. He, *ahem*, passed the gas. If only my reaction had been a little more unforgiving my life might be a little easier now. But that's another story.
We went on to have many adventures together both during and after college. Once graduated, we headed down to St. John in the US Virgin Islands in the hopes of staying there for a season. We lasted less than two months, but we had a good time.Occasionally, Shane would get stuck in his clothing.
Basically, we had a good time together. Then we got married, and we had even more fun.
So it's kind of amazing to me that after those years of carefree time spent together, trips to Ohio, to Sugarloaf, to the coast, to the mountains, an amazing wedding, a house bought and sold- the most fun we've ever had together is right here:
We're pretty lucky.

(And as a little side note for the proud grandparents- Nora has used her new little potty twice this morning!)


Ashleigh Garrett Long said...

i love the 3rd picture down...you both look so sun-kissed and nappy-the best way to be.

im surprised it took him that long to fart in front of you!

Anonymous said...

you left out the part about you not really liking shane at first and even being annoyed. but i (the room mate) remember...