After a long day spent outside yesterday, Nora and I are back home. The weather was amazing- sunny, warm and windy. For most of the day there was enough of a breeze to keep the black flies away, which as many of you know is key. Without a breeze, the beautiful weather goes to waste and you have to hole up inside until the swarms go away. Thankfully, we got to enjoy this:
Nora and Camella beelined it for the sandbox and sat themselves down right in the middle of it.
After digging for a few minutes and watching me make ‘birthday cakes’ with a bucket as the mold, Nora decided to try the cake out for herself.
We got out of the sandbox soon after and found a big patch of dandelions and Ju-Ju the cat. Nora was very interested in the cat:
And even more interested in the dandelions:
Finally, at the end of the day I tried to convince Camella that we might want to go inside to avoid the approaching cloud of insects headed our way. She and Nora already each had a significant amount of bites, so she agreed. Now Nora and I are back home, relaxing with each other until we head back to the farm tomorrow.