On The Go

Does anyone remember the Richard Scarry books we had as kids? There were lots of different titles, like The Please and Thank You Book, and Cars and Trucks and Things That Go. One that sticks out in my mind lately is Busy, Busy Town. The book is full of all the different activities happening within the fictional town. For the last few days I've felt like Nora and I were in Busy Town. We've been doing a favor for a friend who is out of town by driving her kids to and from their practices, games, school and home. Honestly, if Nora takes part in a third of what these girls are doing, she'll be a busy kid! On top of all this driving Nora and I have managed to fit in a bit of our own activities:
The, um, monthly ritual of a bath:
Having chocolate (yes,chocolate) graham crackers in the car:
Then having a meltdown when we ran out:
Practicing her standing:
Climbing on Mom outside:
And, of course, giving Mom a kiss:
We're very busy here in our little world!


Hayley said...

Aw she's so cute. I can't wait to be home and see her more!
I like the new layout too!

Emily and Casey said...

I loved Richard Scarry as a kid, I cant wait to read his books to Jonas. We have started reading to him each day, although its hard to read to a sleeping child! I hope all is well with you three, lets get together soon..when you have some time that is!
Emily and Jonas

Ashleigh Garrett Long said...

so so so so so so so so cute!

Shane said...

I miss my family!