Field Trip!

This weekend we took a trip to the Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens. The annual Fairy House Festival was taking place and we arranged to meet Tara, Josh and the boys for the afternoon. After encountering some horrendous traffic, we finally made it down to Boothbay. It was a drizzly, gray afternoon, but we embraced the weather and made the most of our day.

The fairy house portion of our day was wonderful, but the garden itself was even better. There were so many beautiful plants, flowers, structures and more.
Here Nora is with a statue of the bear cub from Blueberries for Sal.

Eli spent most of the time napping in the sling. It was much more comfortable carrying him around in this weather than it had been in the ninety-plus degree weather previously.

Soon the boys arrived!

This was a super cool rope bridge, though pretty high up. You'll see in the next picture.

A little scary!

The kids smile up to Shane in the bear cave.

We eventually made it over to the Fairy Village. The kids enjoyed working on a few of the fairy houses, but then it was back to the garden for more exploring and fun. We will definitely be putting the gardens on our list of great places to bring the family!

Eli- still asleep!

Smile, Wylie!

Pumping some water- this might have been a little more fun if it hadn't been raining all day. Everything was already soaked, but the kids had a great time watering everything anyway. (Please ignore how unprepared for the weather my child is. I completely forgot we were going to the gardens from my Mom's house and didn't even check the weather ahead of time. We borrowed that sweatshirt from Tara. Oops!)

For dinner we headed down to Boothbay Harbor which is just a few minutes down the road. I think we'll have to come back to the harbor when we have a full day to explore it. There are plenty of shops and restaurants tucked into this small space and it would be fun to check it out. We highly recommend this as a summer day trip for the family!

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