Well, the last month of summer is upon us. Fortunately, we have one of our favorite seasons approaching- Fall in Maine! Until then, however, we will savor ever sun soaked (or this week, rain soaked) day. Shane is ramping up for his second year of teaching and really getting excited for the new subject. Nora is walking everywhere, and really trying to run. Unfortunately, her body often gets ahead of her feet and she ends up crashing face-first. She's a resilient little peanut, though, and always jumps up a second later and is off again.I'm still working at the daycare, often picking up an extra day here or there (or an extra three days next week!), hence the lack of blog posting lately! I'm sure that when Fall comes around and Nora and I are once more spending our days at home, more posting will ensue. We're looking forward to the end of August when Grandma and Grandpa will be visiting from Ohio (along with Aunt Ashleigh, Nate, and a slew of relatives!) to see Nora. (Oh, and maybe to go to Meg's wedding... I guess that could have something to do with their visit!) Can't wait to see everyone (and go to a sure-to-be gorgeous wedding!) Love you all!

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Ashleigh Garrett Long said...

i cant wait.........20 days!!!!! :)