Winding Down

Seeing as I've been hounded for far too long by my aunt and sister-in-law (wink, wink!), I figured I had better do a little blog posting. Nora and I are on our way to our new apartment- officially moved out of our 'summer place'! Of course, the apartment is a disaster and we have guests coming in, um, four days (!) but finally we will be in one place for awhile. This post will have to be short and sweet- we've got an hour and a half drive ahead of us and it's already 8 pm. What follows is a series of pictures of what we've been doing for the past couple weeks, with captions to explain. Hope everyone is enjoying the days of summer. If you're in the Bangor area this weekend, be sure to come to the Folk Festival! See you all soon! (And sorry for the very scattered and random post! With way too many exclamation points!)
We spent some time at our good friend's camp on one of the most amazing lakes in Maine, and got to meet the newest member of our extended family...
Mathilde! What a sweet, gorgeous little baby she is!
This 10" four layer cake filled with lemon curd and strawberries and another larger one (carrot cake) took up a good portion of my evenings last week. Thankfully it came out alright and was delivered without trouble. (Love you, Shane!)These are our good friends Nick and Alli. They're getting married in September and I offered to take a few engagement pictures for them. I LOVED getting to take them and go through the editing process. Yes, it took away from my blogging time, but I was okay with that. Way okay. Did I mention I love photography?
This is Shane. I like him. A lot.
These are my friends Emily (with baby Jonas) and Meg (with baby Gavin). We all got to visit the other night. It was kind of a weird (but good feeling) to be visiting with my good friends and our children. (P.S. I have about six different versions of this picture. Meg has her eyes closed in every one.)
For all those people with baby fever out there, this is little month-old Gavin. Wow is he a sweetie. Crazy to see Meg and Chris in the role of parents, but exciting, too. Now I don't feel bad about only talking to Meg about diapers, poop, and crying.
And finally, one of my favorite girl. I just can't get enough of this sweet thing lately. Gosh, she's cute. (This is kind of the going motto around here lately.) I understand that to the innocent bystander she may just look like a regular kid, maybe even a bit big-headed in this picture, but I don't see it. In my eyes she's just perfect. That's what parenting's all about, right?


Ashleigh Garrett Long said...

agggh! nora is HUGE! just huge now-and i'm missing everything:( she's gonna be in college soon and i wont even know it...but THANKS for this awesome post-it's been a long time coming:) so-just wanted to say a few things: never saw alli before, and she is as adorable as nick-those pics are great! your goal while i'm there is to snap a pic of nate and i where he doesnt look like a crazy person(he thinks it's sooo funny to take messed up pictures) and also-gavin looks JUST like a lil norfin baby in the pic of the three of you-he is awesome!!! and, it looks like nora fedora has hair now! i cant wait for monday to see her...think she'll like me? i hope so!

Ashleigh Garrett Long said...

oh! and, i almost forgot...if we're the "guests" you speak of-well, we don't count...we are used to messy....we still have roommates!