Welcome, September!

Although Fall isn't officially here, (we'll wait until the 22nd for that) we are getting very excited around here. For us, Fall means apple picking, cool weather bike rides, the changing rainbow of colors on the trees, Halloween, making apple butter, simmering mulled cider on the stove and going to The Common Ground Country Fair! (Our favorite, if you can't tell.) I absolutely love this time of year, as does Shane. Fall also means the onset of the school year, and as such, Shane is back at work, not that he really slowed down this summer. If anything, we're getting back into a routine of dinners at home together (most nights) and weekend mornings enjoying each other's company. This past weekend was a little different, however, as we had the opportunity to spend time with the extended family on Shane's side. Shane's cousin, Meg, was getting married, so we all headed to Bar Harbor for the extended weekend.
This is Shane's sister, Ashleigh, and her boyfriend Nate. My goal this weekend was to get a shot of the two of them that looked semi-normal. I'm not sure I managed. I did get a shot of him unconsciously doing the 'blue steel' pose.Now, on to the subject of the wedding- Nora!Just kidding, had to sneak that one in there! Meg's wedding was SO beautiful, from the amazing view of the ocean, to the gorgeous flowers to the amazing wedding party- And of course, the bride!
It was also so very sweet. The couple wrote their own vows and it was all they could do to get through them. I have to admit, most of us didn't actually hear the groom's vows- he might have been a tiny bit choked up...Of course, I had to snap a few pictures of all the effort put into this affair-the amazing table settings,a visually appealing salad (and it was delicious!),and everyone's favorite, the cake- so cool! (And so Meg!)
Of course, while I was busy snapping away all of these pictures, my favorite husband was busy chasing the little trouble-maker around. We did manage to get her to sit still for a few moments for pictures:With Grandma, who loved getting to spend some time with her favorite granddaughter. (Yes, and only granddaughter!)
and with Grandpa and Great-Grandma as well. Four generations pictured here! (I'm not really sure why Shane made Grandma hold his beer...)And a final pic of Nora- this was right before she decided she was done with the whole wedding thing (and was also very tired) and had a little meltdown. Oh well, can't expect too much out of a fourteen month old!


Ashleigh Garrett Long said...

ok, very very good wedding photojournalism here...EXCEPT-that disgusting picture of me and my nose. i look like a dude with a wig...thats nasty:( ukkkk, i just puked a lil...nate's "blue steel" shot is quite nice, though...oh man...just puked again......

olliesmommy said...

Aw! I love reading your blog! Hopefully both of us will get better at posting regularly, I'm sure you get hounded as well. Nora looked absolutely adorable in that dress! So cute- makes me want a little girl next time around ;-) Hope all is well and we miss you guys! Give Nora a hug from Oliver =-)

ToJen said...