I forgot to thank Aunt Carole for the fantastic dress that Nora is wearing! I had only brought a couple casual sundresses to choose from and Carole showed up with the perfect party dress. Thank you, Carole! Nora received so many compliments throughout the night and will most definitely be wearing it to Nick and Alli's wedding at the end of the month!


Hayley said...

I LOVE THAT DRESS!! It's soooo cute!

And, FINALLY!! Jeez.. what has it been, like a year since you last posted?!

Kurtis and Melissa said...

Hey Caitlyn, this is Melissa (White) Bragan. How are you?? Your daughter is beautiful:-) Kurt and I just had our first child, Wesley in July. I was in contact with Britta and she gave me your blog address. Are you doing photography? I work at home doing portraits here in Okinawa. I love it! I hope you're doing well, check out our blog and our Wesley if you have a sec. kurtisandmelissa.blogspot.com.

Have a great day!