Home again, home again.

Well, we've finally made it back from our foray into the woods of western Maine. We had a wonderful time catching up with old friends and watching Nick and Alli get married. The foliage was spectacular- everywhere you looked was a burst of color. Unfortunately, I was a little too busy to take time out for scenery pictures. We arrived late Friday afternoon for the rehearsal (during which a moose walked across the lawn! I missed it.) and then joined everyone for the rehearsal dinner in the clubhouse. Shane had a great time visiting with his college buddies. Megan and I had fun sitting back and watching all of them laugh and joke with each other as if it hadn't been three or four years since they last had seen one another. We woke up to a dry Saturday morning- a big deal, since rain had been forecast up the entire East coast. I headed up to the lodge to assemble and decorate the cake while everyone else went on a hike. The wedding took place that afternoon and was beautiful. The rain held off (just barely) and they were able to have their ceremony outdoors. It really was a perfect weekend, and unfortunately I don't have a ton of pictures. We were smart enough to think ahead and ask Hayley and her friend Majel if they would come along as our babysitters. Thank goodness we did! Poor Hayley and Majel (and Nora) had to endure some pretty rough screaming, but Shane and I got to really enjoy ourselves, by ourselves (and 100 other guests). It was pretty exciting for us seeing as this was the first time in, oh, fifteen and a half months, that we really went on a 'date' of sorts.
Congratulations to Nick and Alli, the newlyweds who are now spending their honeymoon in Canada, and on to the pictures!
Before I even started to make the cake, I had to make a batch of lemon curd. A big batch.

Poor Nora definitely suffered a little child neglect the week before the wedding as I tried to be a parent and a baker. You know your parenting skills are lacking when you give your child the trash can as a toy- and she finds it more exciting than you.

Here we have one of the four batches of Italian buttercream whisking away. I tell ya, I was very impressed that my Kitchenaid lasted throughout this process- when you have to beat each batch for at least 25 minutes to cool it to room temperature, you get a little nervous.
Here we have Nora once again entertaining herself by taking her frog to the bathroom.
Enough said.
Jump ahead to the day of the wedding. I was standing way in the back and had forgotten my zoom lens. I snapped a shot of the groomsmen before Alli came down the aisle and noticed one of them being a smart-alec. Guess who?
Here comes to bride- looking gorgeous! And can I just add how pretty I think Alli's mom is? If I looked that good now I'd be happy!
This is Eliott. (I'm not sure that's how you spell his name, though.) He began the day looking adorable in his little ring bearer's suit. By the time the dancing started he had gotten rid of the jacket and vest. Later I noticed the shirt unbuttoned and coming off. By the end of his night he was running and dancing around in a diaper. So cute!
The kiss, from very far away and then cropped. Not a great photo, I know, but I never claimed to be a real photographer.
This is Chris, Megan's husband, and their son Gavin. We all went to college together (and Megan and I have known each other since we were little kids.) Isn't this picture sweet? This guy had never held a baby before his own, but I think he's taken to it pretty naturally, don't you?
This is one of the only shots I took of the bride and groom. I'm telling you, I was a little too preoccupied with the excitement of getting to spend an evening 'out'. We really owe Hayley and Majel.
Once the florist decorated the cake I wasn't quite so concerned with all the flaws I saw in it.
This is Nora rocking out with her kazoo on the way home. Majel caught this shot and I absolutely love it. It's so Nora.
This shot is from yesterday, when we came to my parent's house to hang out with Camella (and utilize their wireless!) The weather was typical Maine fall- amazing!
A final parting shot for you all to enjoy- anyone want to guess what that stain is? I don't!

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Ashleigh Garrett Long said...

soooo cute! i think my mom has competition with alli's mom on the fountain of youth look, for sure:) i was hoping for some pics of you and shane! I still have a great one of you both at Barrett's wedding...happy anniversary tomorrow!!!!