Happy Birthday!

Today, my little sister, Hayley, turned 20! This is amazing to me, because it really seems as if she just graduated eighth grade. I cannot believe she is a sophomore in college, although it isn't that surprising as she always seemed more grown up than me. A few (okay, many) years back, we went on a hike . We ran into another group of hikers and after talking for a few minutes asked them who they thought was the older sister (by six years- not exactly a small margin!). Of course, they guessed Hayley. I shouldn't be surprised, seeing as I just got a haircut that's been quoted as 'cute, but you look like a twelve year-old.' (I'll let that person remain anonymous. ) Anyway, happy birthday, Hay! Yes, that shot is over a year old. I don't exactly have a plethora of pictures of Hayley.
Oh, and I have been a very bad sister-in-law of late. Ashleigh, Shane's sister, had a birthday the weekend we went to western Maine. She is now 26! Woohoo, and happy birthday, Ash!Isn't is annoying when you go to find a picture of someone and there's a boyfriend/girlfriend in the picture who has since been 'let go'? Well, this picture was taken last October and Nate is still around! Yay, go Nate. We think you're great. Is it fate? (I couldn't help it.)
I don't have a lot to say about this next picture. It really speaks volumes on it's own, don't you think?
Fall in Maine- our favorite.
The other night while driving back from my parent's house, Nora and I passed this. I can't tell you how excited I was when I saw this- I think my heart skipped a beat. Yes, it may only be October, but I'm one of those freaks who thinks the Christmas season should start, um, right about now. Of course, I felt slightly idiotic when my friend Emily told me these people keep this tree lit all year...
Last week the previously mentioned Emily and I (and Jonas and Nora) took a little road trip down to southern Maine to visit Megan, who was staying at her sister, Eliza's house. Here I am holding sweet little (fat) Gavin. Nora and I are taking another road trip next week, this time to Vermont, so be prepared to see a lot of Gavin in the future.
This is Harrison (Harry for short). The kid just doesn't stop, I tell you. I tried to snap a picture of him pushing along his little cart, and this is what I got:
And here are all the lovely ladies (and their children) during our visit. Can you believe we got this picture in only two shots?
From left, we have Megan holding her son Gavin, Emily holding her son Jonas, Ella, the big kid of the group (she's in kindergarten!), Nora and I, and Eliza holding her son Harry. It was definitely a fun time, and we'll be sure to visit again soon. Thanks for having us, Eliza!
These next pictures are of the last few days that Nora, Shane and I have spent together. Saturday we went to a local Waldorf school to check out their fall festival with Tara, Josh, Kalen and little Wylie. Nora had a wonderful time exploring the outdoor toys. The next day, Sunday, Shane and I walked her down to the city park to play on the playground. She loves swings, as you can see from her expressions. (Except for the picture she is crying in- apparently she doesn't like being hit in the chin by a swing? What a strange child.)

Have a wonderful week, everyone!


Hayley said...

YAY! A new Blog AND A birthday wish?!?! Thanks!! I don't even feel like it's my birthday...and its going to be weird because sometimes I still tell people that I'm 18...See you friday!

Ashleigh Garrett Long said...

hi! thanks s'much! that picture of Nate doesn't even look like him:) Happy Bday to Hayley also! Nora's bum is just adorable! When are you guys coming to Ohio/Chicago??
PS...About my anniversary blog-is shane mad about my "suspicion" comment? I hope not!

Ashleigh Garrett Long said...

PS.I think from these shots, Nora is starting to look a bit like you now as well instead of being shane's exact clone!