A little bit of Christmas...

As many of you know, I would start the Christmas season right now if it were socially acceptable. Twenty-four hour Christmas music on the radio? Check. Shopping with the hordes of people? Check. Tree up and decorated in November? Check. I’ll take any and all of the Christmas spirit I can get, which is why a run-in with a very special person yesterday jump-started the season for me.Nora and I had a little grocery shopping to do so we headed off to the local market. Nora was a little tired and probably could have used a nap, but I just needed to grab a few things and decided to chance it. As we walked through the double doors and grabbed a cart, I could sense a mounting tantrum. She wanted to walk and knew I was about to stuff her into the seat. As I tried to navigate her legs through the bars and she started to stiffen and arch her body and scream a voice behind us said,
“Hello little one.”
Nora immediately fell silent as she stared at the man standing behind me. He reached around me to grab a couple apples (this all makes sense now) and said,
“You’re being good for your mom, right?”As he walked away he turned and winked at me and as he did so I noticed that he looked exactly like Santa Claus! Short, white clipped beard, round spectacles, rosy cheeks, all the signs were there! Nora stared after him as he walked away, and was, surprisingly, perfectly well behaved for the rest of the trip. Looks like she’s not getting any coal this year!

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Ashleigh Garrett Long said...

aww! and look, she's being so good and sweeping your deck! is that your deck?? This is funny, b/c I just wrote her story for the book i'm making her and it has a lot to do with your blog! you'll see.