So sorry everyone,

For being such an awful blogger! I have an excuse, I promise. Nora and I have been at my parent's house since last Friday. On Saturday morning my Mom took a fall off her horse when she spooked. (The horse, not Mom.) After having surgery Saturday evening to insert a plate and pin, she is now recovering from a broken femur! We've been visiting her while Shane spends a few days in Schoodic Point for a workshop. I'll update with new pictures when I get the camera back from Shane and do some editing. For now, here are a few straight out of camera shots (read: totally unedited) of Nora doing some light reading. I just love her!

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Ashleigh Garrett Long said...

1st: your mom has a horse??!!??
2nd: OMG you poor momma! is her leg gonna heel fully and is everything gonna be ok? oh man!
3rd: i love lil' nora too-and i can definitely see a bit more of "you" peeking out in her now.