Well, somehow we’ve finally managed to make it back home for a few days. It feels as though we have been on the go for weeks, and in fact we have been very busy. After spending last week visiting with my Mom, we left last weekend for a trip to Vermont to visit Megan, Chris and little Gavin (and their numerous farm animals.) Nora and I made the trip alone, managing to only stop once during the four and a half hours to get a snack and do a diaper change. The ride home yesterday was a different story- I must have been tired, because I made more than one wrong turn and we ended up spending six hours in the car. Poor Nora was screaming in the backseat for the last hour or so, but I couldn’t stop- Barkley had to be picked up at the kennel by five and we just made it. Thankfully we’re home this morning and I’m trying to get to the library to make a blog post- a big deal lately! If we had internet at the apartment it might be a different story. Oh well, here goes!
This will have to be a post in two installments- our time before heading to Vermont and the actual trip. Two weeks ago we celebrated Hayley’s birthday at my parent’s house. Nora tried on my apron I used as a kid while we were doing some baking and it almost fit her; it was just a little big.

Later, we headed up to their house and met the rest of the family there. We spent a bit of time playing outside in the lovely fall weather.

A few days after Shane headed off to a workshop at Schoodic Point. He was able to see an amazing sunset and get some great pictures.

And finally, the highlight of Nora’s week was when she received this awesome tricycle in the mail from her Grandma. She was instantly enthralled with it and has been ‘riding’ it ever since. Of course, her feet don’t actually touch the pedals, but she doesn’t seem to care. I wonder if she’ll notice if I hide it until Christmas?

Oh, and a quick note of congratulations to my aunt Debbie, who recently closed on her new house! Woohoo! We can’t wait to visit and check it out, Deb!


Ashleigh Garrett Long said...

GAHHHHHHH! she's too cute. I almost made her a baby apron for christmas, but didn't end up going that route-good thing. Her little ragga-muffin gypsy get up is PERFECT in that purple dress, fushia cap and colorful striped stockings...that's what i like to see:)

Shane said...

Damn she's cute