The Fair!

Well, once again one of our favorite weekends of the year has come and gone. We had a wonderful time exploring everything the fair had to offer, including the farmer's market, environmental awareness area, animals, food, children's area, crafts and much, much more. Often I wish we had a few more hours to check out all the cool booths and activities. Of course, it didn't help that because we rode our bikes to the fair we didn't arrive until 12:30! In any case, on to the pictures, and there are a lot!
A majority of the fair was spent eating. Eating baked potatoes, Indian food, barbecue chicken, ice cream, crab rolls, pie cones, french fries, apple-honey buns and more. We LOVE eating at the fair, and it's all organic and often local. Yum!
You can't quite tell, but in the next picture Nora is inhaling all of Kalen's chicken masala.

Nora and Kalen spent a bit of time horsing around. Somehow her pants came off; this happens when you only weigh twenty pounds...
Wylie was appropriately dressed for the fair! A homemade hat from a friend, a homemade sweater knit by Tara, organic cotton pants and homemade booties knit, once again, by Tara. So cute!
Shane and I took Nora over to the children's area, where she immediately started to boogie to the music.

There was no question that we had to partake in the photo op:

There isn't really anything special about this next picture; Nora just looks so funny to me with her big, chunky diaper butt sticking out.
Now this is a special picture that I'm sure Kalen will treasure for years to come. As soon as Tara and I spotted this little crack we couldn't stop pointing and laughing. Don't worry; she fixed his pants as soon as I took the picture and he never knew. (Or at least he never really cared.)
Here is one of our favorite desserts, Indian Pudding! We love this cornmeal based pudding (with molasses and spices). It doesn't get much better when you top it with sauteed apples and whipped cream!
Here Dad enjoys some pudding while Mom tries to warm up with her hot carob as the sun goes down. The fair doesn't allow any caffeine, refined sugars or non-organic items for sale to eat. As a result- no coffee or chocolate! Bummer, but we're willing to take the sacrifice for all the other great products.

Here we have Mom taking on my challenge to put on her long underwear shirt under the shirt she's wearing without taking anything off first or exposing herself. She did it like a pro.
Here's an arm's length picture of Shane and I. We have a whole series of these going from our time in college, in the Caribbean and at my first (and only so far) Red Sox game.
And a final parting shot of some of my favorite people- Dad, Mom (pushing Nora) and Shane on our way out of the fair. We had a wonderful day being together (along with Tara, Josh, Kalen and Wylie, not pictured) but missed one important person- Hayley! Don't miss this next year, Hay! It's too much fun!


Britta said...

I miss the CGCF!!! Luckily I was able to visit a west coast farmers market this weekend and eat some delicious organic californian food, not quite the same but an acceptable substitute. P.S. I think you have the cutest child ever. Lin and I decided she is kind of like a house elf-I'm sure Hayley will appreciate that! Miss you! xoxox

Ashleigh Garrett Long said...

man, i wish i got to be an important person you missed:( lol...these are greeeeat pictures...i dunno if i could make it a whole day though without my 2 favorite things: coffee, and chocolate....yea, actually i know i couldnt. :) PS.nora is cuter than ever.

Hayley said...

kjshdakjfkah I wish I had been able to go!!!!! Those pictures are cute! Wylie looks like a little baby now. Oh and that butt crack picture of Kalen is funny. Annnnd Nora is cute as always. See you Friday!!!!

Anonymous said...

You really are quite an amazing photographer, Caitlyn!!!