Our Holiday Weekend- Part Deux

After our recent journey to the North Pole we took another trip, this time to the local tree farm. Shane and I had already put up our tree, but Mom, Dad and Hayley and Tara, Josh, Kalen and Wylie had yet to get theirs. We joined them, mostly because we hate missing the experience of the warm cider, donuts and sleigh rides with the family. The kids still weren't feeling great, but were troopers and hung on the whole time without too many breakdowns.
Shane found this wonderful specimen of a tree. It had a perfect cut-out for him to stick his head in; maybe we should have gone with that one.
You can't tell from this photo, but poor Wylie had a stomach virus and was occasionally throwing up. Like I said- troopers.
We found a stump of a tree that someone had carved into a rabbit head. It provided minutes of delightful entertainment.
As you can see, my husband is being his usual mature self by engaging in a duel with my mother and using her crutches, of course. Right.
Ah, and here is one of my favorites- Hayley and her boyfriend Evan. They've been dating for a few months. I thought it would be nice if they posed for a portrait with Wylie. Wouldn't that be a fun photo to send home to Evan's parents? Hehehe.
Nora spent a lot of time with Nanny that day. Wait, what am I talking about? Nora always spends a lot of time with Nanny. We're pretty sure she likes Nanny better than both her parents. Combined.
This might have been the highlight of the day for Nora. She is a huge fan of horses and as soon as she saw the two that pulled the wagon she was mesmerized.
Finally, a nice picture of the women of the (immediate) family along with the kids. More pictures to follow soon- we have internet now! Of course, we haven't actually tried it out yet because we've been away from home since Thursday and haven't bought the router yet, but it will certainly lead to more posting. I'm sure...

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Ashleigh Garrett Long said...

Wylie is a gorgeous baby! (nora is still #1 of course!) and did shane suck it up and actually buy a new coat for himself?? your poor momma and her crutches:( merry merry happy frappy!!! miss you guys