A Rough Week

Well, I've popped in for a quick visit, but it won't last long. We're having a bit of a tough time here. The week started off with me feeling a little under the weather and ended with Nora having a full blown head cold/fever/cough. She still isn't feeling herself and has at least a low-grade fever most of the day. Right now we're headed home to rest and relax the next few days. We have nothing planned (that I remember) except for a lot of sewing on my part. Hopefully it will give the little munchkin a chance to recover. For now, here are a few pictures from a recent shoot with my sister and her family, and of course one of Nora to finish it up. Happy holidays everyone, and hopefully we'll be back soon in full Christmas spirit!

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Ashleigh Garrett Long said...

awww! get better! nora doesn't even look like herself in that pic:( i had the flu as well-it's going around.