Our Thanksgiving in a (long) nutshell...

We woke up Thanksgiving morning at my parent's house, mostly because I had convinced Shane the night before that I needed to watch the Macy's parade. (We don't get that channel.) Of course, as usual the parade wasn't quite as amazing as I expected, but I still enjoyed having it on in the background while we got ready to leave. Nora helped Nanny get ready all morning, following her around, flossing her teeth, and brushing, as seen here:
Shane made himself useful by going outside to scrape the frost off of the cars. He let his artistic side take over and created a really nice image on my Mom's car,
and a not-so-nice image on Hayley's car. Big surprise, right?
As soon as everyone was ready we hopped in the cars and drove down to Josh's restaurant where he and Tara were hosting the big day. It was already beautifully set up and we relaxed right into the soft leather couch and some delicious appetizers.
Nora and Kalen had plenty of toys to play with, including a few that got away from them; Nora's a good retriever, though.
Shane headed right into the kitchen to give Josh and Tara a hand. They cooked the whole meal with just a little help on the dessert front. We were all very impressed, but mostly thankful at getting to go to such a lovely setting and just relax.
Hayley snapped this shot of me while we were playing around behind the bar. I figured it was about time to post another shot of myself.
Sweet little Wylie was so laid-back the whole day. He was passed from one set of arms to another throughout the evening and didn't seem to care a bit.
Kalen and Nora also had a pretty good day, especially since Nora took one twenty-minute nap the whole day. Yes, you heard right. Twenty minutes. And she didn't even bite anyone (that we know of.)
Apparently kids get a little anxious when they have to wait? For some reason they don't like sitting around with drinks and appetizers and chatting. I don't get it. Good thing Hayley and Shane are inventive and started the box races!
Eventually we were summoned to the table and sat down to enjoy a fantastic meal. I ate a lot. I mean, a lot. I enjoyed every second of it.
Dessert appeared not long after and we all dug in to the pecan pie, pumpkin pie, apple cobbler and pumpkin cheesecake. Oh, the deliciousness!
Later we played a bit of bocce on the court Josh built outside and then moved inside for a board game of epic proportions. I'm not kidding- in the history of our family this Thanksgiving will always be remembered as the year Tara, Hayley and Caitlyn dominated. We played Pictionary and were a team against Mom, Josh and Cindy. They really never had a chance. We were on a roll and it lasted the whole (short) length of the game. It was as if we were reading each other's minds. I only wish you all had been there to experience it. Fortunately, Nora and Kalen were there to witness the beating. (Yes, Nora is shirtless. She was hot, okay?)
It really was a wonderful day. There were plenty of friends and family around to enjoy it. Thank you, thank you, thank you Tara and Josh for hosting and everyone else for coming to celebrate such a nice day.

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ToJen said...

Now THAT'S what Thanksgiving ia all about!
Wish we could have been there! Jenny really misses Nora!