A sneak peek for Emily and an update

Recently Shane and I have started going to the local YMCA to work out. We take turns, with the other staying home with Nora. Right now it's my turn, and I'm going, I swear, but I just had to take a little side trip to the local coffee shop to make a post. Priorities, right?
I've been working on some photos I took of Emily and her family (and plan to have them ready for you at book club, Emily!) and though she might like a little preview:Sorry there aren't any Nora pictures here. She's been getting the shaft lately, photography-wise. With the upcoming holidays I'm sure we'll return to the over-the-top coverage of her daily life. I also wanted to mentioned that I looked into getting wireless internet for our apartment. I'll probably sign us up tomorrow, but we are super cheap, so we'll be going with the $20/month, slow as cold molasses package. Hey, at least it's something, right?

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Ashleigh Garrett Long said...

is there anyway to steal it from someone in the building?...or nearby stores?...there's GOTTA be!?!