Fun times! (And not so fun times)

Yesterday before Nora and I left for class we had a bit of fun playing around the living room. Nora has a new water bottle but when it's full of a cold drink her little hands freeze, so I pull one of her socks over it. Works like a charm!
I had started some whole milk yogurt the day before and yesterday morning it was ready for sampling. Nora wasn't a huge fan until we drizzled some honey and vanilla into it.
Later, after breakfast, a dance party ensued. There wasn't actually any music playing, but Nora has a new song that she likes to sing and dance to. It goes something like this:
Rock-a-baby! Rock-a-baby!
Unfortunately, last night and this morning were not as fun. Nora woke up around 4 am complaining her 'belly hurt!' Within a few minutes she was throwing up, and since then has thrown up nine or ten times. She's gone through five outfits today; I've gone through three. I'm hoping tonight goes a little smoother and the poor thing recovers soon.
She's in great spirits when not about to throw up, but just can't seem to keep anything down. Throughout the day she's tried water, juice, oranges, and crackers, and all have come up.
Again and again.
Sometimes (usually) she doesn't make it anywhere near the bowl; then we get the opportunity to take a nice photo.
I'm definitely underpaid.


Tara said...

Oh man! Poor Nora Fedora! And poor Caitlyn, too. I hear there's a nasty stomach thing going around the Midcoast schools - wonder if that's what Nora has?

Just be glad you don't have a kid like my two, who, instinctively it seems, know to grab my shirt and lean in when about to throw up, ensuring that it all goes INSIDE my shirt! Nothing like a bra full of vomit . . . :(

Ashleigh Garrett Long said...

oh no! how is she now?? did you take her to the doctor? poor cute peanut! i used to puke all over the place and on my mom, but i was like.....12?

Anonymous said...

Hope she gets better soon. see you this coming weekend. love you guys.

Kurtis and Melissa said...

Feel better Nora! from Wesley:-)