Oh thank goodness-

We're finally functioning at a semi-normal level! After four long days of sickness all around, a day of recovery, and another sick night, Nora finally seems to be feeling significantly better. She and Shane had a pretty awful weekend extending through Monday. Yesterday Nora seemed much better and I brought her into town while I had class. Unfortunately, I think I may have overwhelmed her a bit, because last night she threw up again. By six am this morning she was up and starving, so I think she's feeling better.
This past Saturday, while Shane and Nora were sick at home, I took Tara and Wylie on a little trip to celebrate Tara's birthday. First we drove to Brunswick to check out the new gluten-free bakery we had heard about.
There were plenty of packaged products and frozen goods, but the really exciting part was the bakery case. If you're gluten-free, you know you rarely, if ever, can go into a bakery in Maine and choose from a variety of fresh baked goods. Tara and I sampled three things, including a raspberry coconut muffin, a bagel, and a chocolate-peanut butter treat.
After checking out the bakery, we went to a thrift store we had noticed on the way through town It's called Estilo, and is fantastic! This dress hanging outside was what caught our eye, and things just got better inside.
Tara actually purchased one of these dresses among other things, and I found pants, shirts and a coat for only $34! I love a good deal!
After leaving the store, we realized we were running a bit late, so we headed right to lunch in Newcastle, at the Publick House. It was affordable, delicious, and fun to go out together without two other kids running around and throwing things.
It was also nice just to spend time with little Wylie. He doesn't get a ton of one on one time when he has his brother and cousin always hanging around! Of course, when he gets a little older, I don't think Tara will mind of just the two of us go out sometime!
Back at home Nora was content to lay around and watch Snoopy (aka A Charlie Brown Christmas), which is an obvious sign to me that she's sick. That girl never just lays around.
She's up and around again and even though I'm sure she'll take an extra nap today, I'm just happy she's interested in playing again!

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Ashleigh Garrett Long said...

awesome! that pic of Tara is beautiful....so....shane wont call me back, but i hear I will be seeing all 3 of you in 4 days? I better or shane is paying for the megabus ticket i just booked:) I get into Cleveland at 4:30pm on Monday and leave at 5:30pm Wednesday! yayayayayayay