I always come back!

Even though some days it seems as though I'll never get back to this blog, I always manage. We've had a relatively rough week, and each day I've reminded myself that I really need to find some time to post a few pictures. Well, finally, that time has come. Of course, this morning when I went to upload pictures off one of our cameras, I realized Shane had brought it with him to school. Oh well. I still had a few on the other camera, so I'll post those for the time being. The first are a couple of Camella's sister, Anna, who grows sweeter every day. Last weekend (or was it the weekend before?) we spent some time with Nanny and Grampy. Tara brought the boys, too, and all the kids had a good time splashing in the hot tub. It was a blustery day, kind of cool, which made the warm water feel all the better.
Wylie's eyes, which are already a bright, bright blue, were reflecting the light off of the hot tub. This picture doesn't even do them justice; they were so light!
Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!

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Tara said...

I love that picture of Mom and Wylie!

And as I scrolled down, I had my fingers crossed that there weren't any pics of "Jessica Rabbit" - thanks! ;)