Beautiful Vermont

This is a long over due post, but here you go- pictures from our trip out to visit Meg, Chris and Gavin. It was a beautiful weekend and Rachael and Ben joined the fun. Chris found a recipe for bean hole beans, so our excitement for the weekend was waiting to see how they would come out.
A couple shots of the outdoor shower Chris built. When I retire, I'm packing up and moving into it. I want to live in it. So does Nora.
Here's Rachael, scoping out the garden as we figure out what to eat along with the fifty million pounds of beans Chris cooked.
Chris and Meg's house has come SUCH a long way! It is gorgeous now, but it didn't always look this good, especially when they first bought the mouse-infested camp with no electricity, septic system, heat, etc. Did it even have running water? I'm not sure. Probably not.
Brussel sprouts for dinner!
Chris digs up the beans.
Yup, there they are.
They actually ended up needing to be cooked a little more, so we threw them on the stove.
Rachael and I decided we needed something light for dessert, and decided to make this angel food cake we found in the cupboard. Rachael thought there was a little too much batter, but threw it in anyway. Yum! When Meg came home later that night and saw what we had done, she let us know that the cake mix was about three years expired. Oops.
Cutest boy in VT- the Gavster!
Contrary to appearances, we were only drinking tea and cider that night. We did play an awesome game of hearts, and then some cribbage before we all quit for the night. I have about five pictures in this series, and in every one Rachael looks, um, intoxicated.
Earlier in the night, before the crazy card games started, Nora and Gavin did a little bike riding. Safety first!
Sunday morning we went blueberry picking at a (kind of) nearby farm. Nora sang to Rachael on the way.
We picked two boxes this size (it was just over eleven pounds) and I think I paid $25. The deal of the year!
Notice the lack of a car seat cover hear? Nora is pretty much potty trained right now, but during this trip she had a little accident that required a cover being washed before we headed back to Maine.
And what VT post would be complete without a little mention of the animals? Here is Kadin, Rachael and Ben's new puppy. She had an awesome time trying to herd the sheep until one jumped the fence and the horse started getting antsy.
Jersey, the sweet little OCD rescue dog who Chris has become just slightly attached to.
And Kermit, Megan's favorite dog who likes to runaway, spread trash all over the house and howl like the hound dog he is.
Of course, there are many more animals, but I figured I had bored you enough. A final parting shot of our horse-loving girl (notice the shirt). I know she needs a haircut, but darn it, if we just wait a little longer she'll be able to tuck that hair behind her ears and won't be plagued with a lifetime of awful bangs and photos to match. Not that I would know anything about that.


Tara said...

Great pictures! And if I didn't have two adorable boys myself, I'd say Gavin was the cutest little boy I've ever seen.

And, um, I'm pretty sure that Nora's already got a lifetime's worth of bad photos of her hair in her eyes. How about bobby pins? Is she opposed to bobby pins? You can get them with some awfully cute charm-things on them . . .

Rachael Dunton said...

So you just had to include the picture of the card game.
I love the picture of Nora sleeping with the blueberries on both sides of her.

Ashleigh Garrett Long said...

so....i wasn't allowed to grow out my bangs until i was about....17 or so. my mom still says "everyone looks better with bangs" just to rebel, i am really excited you are growing nora's bangs out....(also, you saw what my mom did with shane's hair....a pick and mousse was always involved.)