A trip to the Fair

Well, it's only taken me a few weeks (oops!) to get this blog up, but the nagging has finally gotten to me, so here you go! We went to the Common Ground Fair a few weeks ago, as we always do, and had a great time. My main goal was to sample as much food as possible, and luckily I was successful. Here are Shane, Nora, Hayley and Evan enjoying some of the offerings.One of our favorite treats- potato chip fries. Yum!
The day gradually turned cooler as it wore on, and we enjoyed one of our favorite drinks- warm cider!
We also ran into some of our favorite people- Camella, Marcia and Anna! We watched a puppet show together and then visited a little.
Two more of our favorite people- Hayley and Evan posing for a sweet shot. We like them.
There are always plenty of animals to be seen, and lucky for me, Nanny loves to take the kids to see them; then I get the chance to visit the craft tents.
Kalen and Nora made their own fun in a dusty field. Nora gets ready wrestle-
But in the end it was Kalen who brought her down!
That was a good one!
Wylie referees the match.
Not to worry, the two were best friends again in the next moment.
Our day at the fair was wonderful, full of good food, good music, great crafts and fun people. And now, to finish up the post, a quick little video of our girl. Enjoy!


Ashleigh Garrett Long said...

omigawsh, i am so excited to see this lil' munchkin in a month(ok, and you guys too)....i keep thinking she's gonna be all huge and grown and won't even know me, but she still seems squishable and tiny for atleast a little while longer...and-this Camilla tot, i SWARE that was my child in another lifetime, I think in every picture you've ever posted of her we have the same outfits. i love punky bruster dressing babies!

Rachael Dunton said...

Awesome! I will take her in my class when she is ready for K. Now it is time to work on rhyming, a very important skill for learning to read.
PS I am still sporting the hat all over town.

Caitlyn said...

That's funny that you say that Rachael, because we were just talking about that today when Nora rhymed peek-a-boo and caribou by herself. It's the first time she's noticed two words sounding alike, but a good start.