A Few More Details

I thought you all might like to see a few actual pictures taken on Halloween. Nora dressed up as a sweet dragon, compliments of the awesome Aunt Ashleigh. She probably would have worn her costume much more often before Halloween, but we stowed it away so it was more special.
On the way home from a family Halloween party in the afternoon we drove up route one, and on the way through Freeport we noticed all the trick or treating happening along Main St., so we decided to stop and join in for a bit.
Once we got home we had a quick dinner, then headed out for more trick or treating in our neighborhood. We met up with our friends Noah and Lillian and had a great time checking out all the decorated houses. We finally made it home after a quick stop at Lilee's to show off her costume and visit Aunt Cindy and Aunt Debbie, who were eating there.
Nora wanted to help hand out candy, but unfortunately we only had three trick or treaters, hence the giant bowl of candy sitting on top of our refrigerator staring at me.
Tonight, after dinner we let Nora pick a treat out of her pumpkin for dessert. She chose the green lollipop over the glorious chocolate bars. Whose kid is this anyway?
Have a great weekend everyone!


Ashleigh Garrett Long said...

soooo sweet! thank you for the pictures, she looks so squishable in that costume($2 well spent!) did Nora go on her "virtual field trip" through my blog recently? Can't wait to see you guys-6 more days!

Rachael Dunton said...

Love the costume. Also I love the picture of you and Nora walking down Main St.
You are so lucky that Nora is leaving all the chocolate for you to steal. You only have so many years before she will be wise to you and start hiding her candy.

Kimmy and Olive said...

She's so grown up!