A Lovely Thursday

We celebrated Thanksgiving in Camden again this year at the restaurant. We made sure to arrive early enough so that there was plenty of time before dinner for games (notice the chess game being played above), movies and walks. The kids really enjoyed the snacks and movies, especially the delicious nuts my Dad made (I think, or did Mom?), and the crab hush puppies Tara whipped up. I don't even like crab and these were delicious!
Here Hayley scopes out the main meal. Of course, this was before the centerpiece turkey was brought out.
I only took one group photo, and of course Shane wasn't smiling. (His excuse? 'I don't smile in pictures.' Oh, please!)
After our bellies were full it was dance party time. Nora and Kalen got right into it. No, Nora isn't wearing pants. No, she didn't arrive that way.
Finally it was time to calm down a little. We would, after all, be consuming massive amounts of sugar, chocolate, cream and delicious pie goodness shortly, so the kids needed a little rest. Overall it was a wonderful Thanksgiving and I wish I had taken more pictures of everyone who was there, but believe me, we were all well fed and had a great time visiting with each other, playing games, and even sending off a few sky lanterns! (Once again, something I should have taken pictures of.) Happy Thanksgiving, and welcome to the Christmas season!


Hayley said...

Hmm I think in last years Thanksgiving post Nora isn't wearing a shirt. No pants this year, no shirt last year. Naked next year?!

Tara said...

More photos can be seen over on my Flickr page:


Looking forward to a Naked Nora Thanksgiving next year! ;)

HayleyBee said...

Are you EVER going to post a new blog?!?