Going Away

This past weekend Shane and I took a trip to New Hampshire and... We didn't bring Nora. Crazy, right? We went to help celebrate our good friend Ben's thirtieth birthday. Rachael (finishing off her triple sow cow double lutz turny-thingy in the above photo) planned a fantastic birthday weeekend in North Conway as a surprise for him and it really was great. It was nice to feel like a young couple again, though I'm not gonna lie, we both missed Nora and kind of wished she had come along. (But only kind of.)
It helped to have this cutie around to focus our attention on. Gavin is eighteen months now and SO cute. I'm not sure how I managed to snap this photo as he's always on the move, but I'm glad I did.
The whole weekend was a surprise for Ben, but the big night out was Saturday, when we all headed over to the local Flatbread Company of North Conway. It was good. Really good. Like, five pieces of pizza good. I even ate two slices with mushrooms and loved it. Two thumbs way up for the Flatbread Company. We have seriously been missing out on a local resource seeing as there's a Flatbread Company in Portland, only thirty minutes from us!
After the night out, we all went back to the rental house and spent the next three hours in a hilarious game of Guesstures pitting the girls against the boys. We won (of course) and poor Chris (Gavin's Dad) will never live down the performance he gave in that last round that clinched the game for the girls!
The next morning Shane and I headed out early to pick up Nora three and a half hours away. I pulled out the gazeteer and tried to find alternate routes home...
And Shane took the wheel. I love weekends away.
How was your weekend?


Ashleigh Garrett Long said...

even i have been to the flatbread place in portland:) mmmmmmmmmmmmm....glad you guys had a lil' getaway!

Rachael Dunton said...

I had a super weekend and it has taken me a snow day and a 2 hour delay this week to recover. I am glad it is almost the weekend again. Great pictures as always.

Tara said...

Awesome pic of Gavin! What a cute kid!

Sounds like a fun weekend! :)