We're still here!

Believe it or not, I do still post things here on this blog now and then. I know, crazy, right? Even though it's the dead of winter around here, we've kept ourselves quite busy. The weeks pass by in a blur, full of work (and school for Nora) and weekends packed with fun. Last weekend we brought home Nora's first real bed (borrowed from my parents.) The transition has been amazing. She has spent every single night in it since Shane set it up. Granted, I have had to go in to soothe her on a couple of occasions, and have definitely fallen asleep there, but what can I say? The new mattress is WAY more comfortable than our ancient one.
We also took a hike up Bradbury Mountain this past weekend, and though it isn't much of a hike, it was great to catch up with family and friends. Barkley especially enjoyed getting outside and playing in the woods.
Shane and I took our token arm's reach photo. (Scroll down.)
Wylie was very intrigued with Hayley and Evan's new puppy, Ollie.
Ollie looks very serious here, don't you think?
The next picture warrants a bit of explaining. My Dad and Diana, a family friend, both have joint issues. Dad has two fake hips, with a replacement being scheduled to do yet another one, and Diana recently had ankle surgery and is just getting back into the swing of things. We weren't sure they would make it to the top, not because it was too strenuous a hike, but because the trail was quite slick, and even those of us on two sturdy feet didn't escape without a fall. (Me? No....) So you can see how surprised we all were when the two arrived at the top, no more so than Kalen and Nora, who promptly screamed a welcome their way.
Nora, of course, passed right out about two minutes into the car ride after the hike. She actually hiked up the mountain on her own, and hitched a ride on my back on the way down. What a sweetie!
And speaking of sweeties, here are my Valentine's roses from Shane. This is actually one of the first times he has gotten me roses- usually it is a wide variety of exotic flowers, or a cool potted plant, but this year he went the more traditional route. I don't mind! I've told him before that he doesn't need to get me flowers, because I usually forget about the poor things and they quickly die on me. In all honesty, I really don't mind that he ignores me!


Tara said...

I'm seriously impressed with Nora's maturity over here . . . someday my own kids might make it through the night without me!

Shane said...

I knew you really want flowers.

HayleyBee said...

Nora is very fashionable.