Good morning! Uh, I mean afternoon. I definitely did not fall asleep with Nora during her morning nap today, no sir, not me. But what can I say? It is still February, just barely, so I can overlook my lack of energy. (And I did go to Pilates last night. That counts for something, right?)
But anyway, back to everyone's favorite topic:

This little bundle of energy decided just playing with her toys wasn't enough for her. She needed to become one with her toys, to really bond with them. So while I was distractedly talking on the phone with Tara, she decided to move ahead with her plans. And move she did, right into the toy basket:

Yup, all by herself she managed to crawl in and settle herself atop her favorite Christmas Book.
Getting out was a little more difficult and required the help of Mama, but all in all, a pretty productive day. Now if only I could accomplish that much...
For now I'll post a taste of the Nora to come:

She refused to hold my hands and wasn't too keen on my having to steady her. I can just hear her sounding out the syllables like Rudolph- 'In-de-pen-dent!'
Have a great day, everyone!

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