So long, February!

Oh man, am I glad it's Friday, and the last day of February at that! While most people look at the end of the work week as a chance to get away from people, I look at it as my chance to finally socialize, shower and sometimes even drive the car! A life full of excitement, that's what I lead. In any case, tonight we're headed down to Brunswick to help one of my two favorite aunts move (on). As a result, I'm sorry to say there won't be a blog post tomorrow, and maybe even Sunday. I know, it's torture.
To hold you over, here are a few candids of the sweet little girl:

Today has been a little more interesting than yesterday, although I will say that after I posted I went on to sweep the basement, do a load of laundry, vacuum the upstairs, do the dishes and start dinner. I tell you, knowing that someone is reading this makes me so much more motivated! Still, today wasn't an incredibly eventful day, as reflected in this blog. I promise, next week will bring posts full of humor, cherished moments, exciting prizes and sarcasm. Have a wonderful weekend everyone!


ashesgarrett said...

wow! that pic of the barks and EMags makes Barkley look huuuuuuuuuge...a huge herding guard dog. i was going to post nora's Hoot and Hattie on my blog, put it was being washed:( next time!

Anonymous said...

Okay Napless Nora...you've been able to do what no one else has been able to do...get Bruce to use the computer...It's amazing...I get home and he says, "Did you read Nora's blog today?" Who is this man, and what happened to my husband???

Hayley said...

I agree with Ashleigh. Barkley looks giant in that picture. Probably Barkleys only moment of glory. =] Have fun in Brunswick! Oh and that last picture of Nona Nona is wicked cute.