Hi everyone! Just a quick note to let you know we're still here. We've been apartment and house hunting these last few days. We found a wonderful house in a rural area, and almost decided to go for it until we realized that would kind of defeat the purpose of moving out of the last house. Instead, we decided to go with an apartment right in the city where Shane works. ('City' might be a little bit of an exaggeration in this case.) We're sending in a security deposit today and should be able to move in within a week or two. (And we love moving.) The apartment is tiny, but you really can't beat the location. It's near the natural foods store, the ocean, the park, the library, the movie theater and the grocery store, besides all the cool local shops. I think we're really going to enjoy it. Hope everyone is well and enjoying themselves! Talk to you soon!

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Ashleigh Garrett Long said...

love love love love looooove her! babies, sand, new apartments...what could be better?...what town is the apt in? is there enough room for a couple visitors to stay on a couch for a couple days? :)