Redeeming Myself

I promised I would be back to post pictures when I had access to the laptop and here I am! Shane has thoughtfully taken Nora with him for a ride, thereby giving me a few long moments work on this.Nora is growing more and more every day. This evening when we got home, I plopped her down in front of Shane and asked her to walk to her dad- and she did just that! Within a few short days she has come so far, really exploring beyond her normal limits and impressing us. We are so proud of her, as I'm sure every parent is as their child hits a milestone. Just this afternoon, Britta, a good friend from childhood (and high school, and college, and beyond...) stopped by and commented on how she was looking less and less like a baby. I have to agree. My sweet little peanut is turning into a toddler. How strange for Shane and I, who were childless not long ago, to find ourselves raising a kid, who will eventually be a teenager and grown-up!In any case, I've been trying to document as much as I can for everyone, without missing out on things myself. We've been going on tons of bike rides, but often it's difficult to bring the camera along to snap shots as we go, and why would I want the hassle? I love being on the road with Nora in tow and Shane by my side. I'm content to enjoy it for what it is, just as I'm content to enjoy this summer for what it is- chaotic, hot, crazy, and fun. Happy summer, everyone.

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Ashleigh Garrett Long said...

oh wow! once you get a picture with her full body in it, she is HUGE!!!! she is gonna have some long legs! I MISS EVERYTHING!!!!!! :(