Summer Nights

It's hard to believe that so much of summer has already passed us by. Of course, for those of you who live here, you know it hasn't exactly felt very summer-like in weeks past. Luckily it has finally arrived, and although it's very muggy, I won't complain. As long as it's not pouring I'm a happy camper.
Nora is really starting to enjoy school. She still fights the nap big time, and has yet to sleep longer than forty minutes, and usually only twenty. Oh well, at least she's actually falling asleep! This picture was taken yesterday when Shane came to pick her up after his program had ended for the day. The two of them waited around for me to be done and in the mean time Nora decided to do a little riding.
Last night we took a trip over to Nick and Ally's house in Bath for dinner. I felt like grilling and Shane made fun of me for wanting to use our camping grill, so we headed over to their house and their real grill.
Nora loved hanging out with them. After an initial warm-up period, she was off, first 'helping' Ally with the dishes, then playing outside while the chicken and vegetables grilled.
Their tomatoes aren't ripe yet, but it won't be long. I also sampled a fresh snap pea- delicious!
Nick and Ally couldn't get enough of this munchkin. I can't imagine why. She played until she was totally and completely exhausted (which wasn't too late since she had taken a twenty minute nap at school) and then passed out on my lap while we told ghost stories. It was a great night- thanks guys!

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