We're (kind of) back!

Whew! It's been awhile, hasn't it? I know some of you have been waiting (and waiting) for a new post, and alas! One has finally arrived. We're mostly settled in at our new place and I've started working full time. Nora has also started day care, which is a very new and different experience for her. I'm only in the next room over from her, but it's a big enough distance to cause a little stress. This past week was our first, though, so we're really hoping things settle down soon. On to the pictures, though! We took a trip to Boston a couple weeks ago and met up with Aunt Ashleigh, who was visiting the East coast. The aquarium was our first stop, though it was so dark in their that I only snapped a couple pictures.
After the aquarium we walked over to the North End for lunch and a special dessert of delicious cannolis, then found this cool little park that Nora had fun running around at while we digested.
Here Nora shows off the after effects of the chocolate-dipped cannoli.
Our final stop was at an old-fashioned carousel. Nora was very excited that she was allowed to ride the horse.
The week after we went to Boston Nora was scheduled for an upper endoscopy to find out whether or not she has celiac. This was taken the morning of the procedure. The poor thing wasn't allowed to eat or drink anything for hours before. Somehow she was in a good mood, though. I know I wouldn't have been.
This first video was taken while we waited for the doctor. Nora wasn't at all nervous, mostly because she had no idea what was going on. Shane, Mom and I, on the other hand, were a bit nervous. Everything went just fine, though and now we know that she doesn't have celiac! Woohoo! She still may have a food allergy, because they found some abnormal results in her upper intestines, but hopefully it's nothing too serious. We'll know soon enough.

This second video was taken during strawberry season (another reason I haven't been online at all). Kalen, Wylie and Tara (along with Hayley) lived with us for a little over a week while we all picked and sold berries. This was a little song Kalen and Nora sang for Dad and Evan, whose birthdays happen to fall on the same day.

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Keatons said...

Very glad to hear that it is not celiac. Love the videos!