The Birthday Celebration

Last weekend, amidst the chaos of moving, we celebrated Nora's birthday. Thankfully, she's only two, so the amount of planning was minimal. Seriously, I was planning it the night before. It was fine, though, because Nora had a great time. She had the requisite two friends, as she was turning two, although siblings did come along. The weather was beautiful, so we spent the afternoon playing around outside at Mom and Dad's house. (Our half-moved miniscule apartment was no place for partying.)
Kalen was very excited to see Nora open her presents. This is the great raincoat that Aunt Debbie gave to Nora. We have been utilizing it a lot lately.
Nora got a few great books for her birthday. This one is a book of poems about horses from Kalen and his family- absolutely perfect for our little cowgirl.
Flash a little bright, Kalen?
Nanny and Grampy bought Nora a great giraffe and accompanying book from the Philadelphia Zoo. Nora now sleeps with both this giraffe and a nice, soft horse from Kalen.
The big surprise of the party for Nora was the tricycle that was mentioned in the previous post. She loves it. We've brought it to Topsham where we're living now and she rides it everyday, both outside, and inside when I'll allow it. Cause I'm the boss. Right?
Don't you love this little t-shirt? Our friend Kristin bought it for Nora and I think it is so adorable.
And here we have the cake I labored over for hours and hours the night before. It was a labor of love, though. I do what I have to do. Especially if it involves cake mix and canned frosting.
Yes, it's a horse. Do you really think I could do anything else for this horse-crazy kid? And that carrot she's biting into? She thought it was real until she tasted the marzipan. We had to promptly take it away before she devoured it. Too much sugar. We gave her a big hunk of frosted cake with ice cream, instead. We're responsible parents.
Overall it was a nice, laid back day, just what we needed before the big move the next day. We're without internet now at our new place until we have it hooked up, so I may be a little more sporadic than I already am. I'm sorry, but I promise to try to get on here soon!


gardenmama said...

I am new to your blog : )
Your children's names are lovely, what sweet photos!
Good luck with your move, I know how time consuming that can be! If you have a chance, I am having a mama and child vintage apron giveaway!

Barbara Wyman said...

Sorry Ididn't remember it was Nora's birthday. I should look at my birthday book. I take it she loves horses. What brought that on...her grandmother!! See you soon. Love, Aunt Barbie

Rachael Dunton said...

Great cake!! Can't wait to see you guys this weekend.