What to do on a rainy day?

First, we headed up to the hotel pool. They have a children's wading pool that's only a foot deep and quite warm. Nora jumped right in and really seemed to love it. Unfortunately, I didn't pack any swim diapers, so she's wearing a disposable. Notice the large bulge? This is a few minutes before I brought her to our room to be changed and noticed the diaper was exploding underneath her bathing suit.
Next we packed ourselves up and took a trip to the Philadelphia Museum of Art, famous not only for the amazing pieces it holds, but also the stairs featured in the 'Rocky' movie series.
There were quite a few pieces that I really loved, specifically this portrait of Madame Renoir by her husband, Pierre-Auguste Renoir. It's a lovely painting all on it's own, but the really sweet part is that Renoir kept it for himself all his life.
Also, this piece, 'Mother and Child', by Mary Cassatt. Too sweet.
It was just amazing to me that lots of this:
could become this:
Nora especially liked this painting. Why, you might ask?
Because of the nursing baby, of course.
She also really loved the sculptures. She was particularly interested in what the grape leaves were hiding.
We were able to find a few things to do on this rainy day, and as you can see in the following video, Nora can really find some fun in any setting!

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Tara said...

1...2...3...8...10...9...sequence schmequence!

I'd forgotten how those disposables sort of blow up when they get soaked - good thing you caught it before pieces floated out into the pool! :)