Before we fly...

I thought you all might want to see a few pictures of the twins before we take off for Philadelphia tomorrow. We went down to Brunswick Saturday to see the new additions to our family.
Let me introduce you to
Cayden Robert...
and Zahara Rose!
These sweet little babies are SO tiny. I felt like I was holding a little weighted doll.
Little Cayden apparently already has a personality he'd like to express!
I just couldn't get over how tiny they felt. They're both each a little over 5 1/2 pounds, or so, on their way to 6. Just look how enormous that pacifier looks!
We all huddled around the two of them for a while, oohing and ahhing, touching, kissing, cuddling. We already love them so much!


Rachael Dunton said...

Now I wish I had been there and not painting at camp. Did you see the puppies?

tiffany said...

i love the pictures. how can i get some copies of them. my favorite is cayden with his month open thats too cute and little Z in the black and white. big rey like the one with the whole family around them. you took some great pictures. I had a great time with you guys and am happy you got to spend some time with both sets of twins.