An abundance of pictures!

The night before we were scheduled to take off, we spent the night at Nanny's house, so we could ride in to the airport together. Hayley had some last minute packing to do, and we figured we might as well try to make the flight a little easier, so we tried to fit Nora into Hayley's carry-on. It didn't work.
The next morning Nora packed up her own kid-sized backpack with snacks and toys. Doesn't she look as if she's ready to go to kindergarten? Not quite, Nora!
This isn't Nora's first time on a plane, but it's the first time she's really noticed what was going on. She really seemed to love it, and did a great job, but we were very grateful that the flight was only an hour and a half and that the seat next to Nanny was empty.
That evening we spent some time relaxing in one of the numerous parks and green spaces Philly has to offer after eating a very filling dinner at a local Italian restaurant. Even though I know I'll never permanently live in a big city, it's nice to have to walk everywhere, especially after you've eaten a big meal.
Nora loved the 'bumpy' streets.
On the way back to the hotel, we found a very impressive looking building with large columns to pose in front of. Maybe tomorrow we'll figure out just what that building is.
This morning Hayley, Nora and I set out to explore while Mom began her conference (the real reason for this trip!) We headed first over to the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. I would have liked to explore it a bit more and read a little about it, but Nora wasn't interested, not even in the fire!
She was, however, interested in the fountain.
Our next stop was Christ Church, where Benjamin Franklin, Betsy Ross and George Washington all worshipped. This gentleman was just outside the church playing a dulcimer. Nora was entranced.
The interior of the church.
After a good dose of history, we were ready for some food! We found a nice deli and all got sandwiches, and then found a tiny bakery with some delicious treats in the window.
We got a carrot cake cupcake, and all shared it.
I'm pretty sure Nora enjoyed it.

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