A Lovely Evening

Thursday night we decided to take a trip down to Este's Lobster House in Harpswell. We had been feeling a little bogged down with work and felt like we needed a little break and a chance to reconnect as a family. Nora had only slept for twenty minutes at school that day and was exhausted, so she promptly fell asleep on the drive down.
We decided to wake her up when we got there, which wasn't the best choice because she was very cranky and very hungry, and those of you who know Nora know that cranky+hungry= a lethal combination. Thankfully, the waitress was right on top of things and brought a chocolate milk right out. Nora was back to her cheerful, sweet self in no time. We breathed a sigh of relief, as I'm sure all the diners around us did as well.
Contrary to what the following photo implies, Nora ate chicken fingers and french fries for dinner. Shane ordered a lobster, and Nora had a great time playing with it, but when it came to eating it, she was not interested after taking a little taste.
As we often do when on 'vacation', Shane and I took our usual arms-length photo. We were outside, right on Casco Bay watching the sun set as we relaxed. It was marvelous.
Nora loved being right next to water and watching sea gulls, ducks and sea weed in the water. They also had some old lobster traps that she had a great time playing with and explaining to us how the lobsters crawled in and got stuck. It was definitely a splurge on our part seeing as we rarely go out to eat, but we really needed some time for us, so I'm just going to keep rationalizing it to myself. After all, the summer is flying by and it's a rare night that's warm and dry around these parts. Hope everyone is enjoying their summer and not too busy!


Rachael Dunton said...

Great post, love the pictures!

Tiffany said...

she's growing up so fast.I love the one of her sleeping.