Beach Weekend

Well, we're back from our annual trek to the beach with friends and family. As usual, I'm about to run out the door to work, but figured something was better than nothing. I was able to snap this picture of Nora enjoying the benefits of camping- popsicles and glow sticks- and then I handed the camera over to the seven year olds.
This is what I found on the camera today:
I just love that last one of Nora playing with the big kids. Such a cutie. I honestly have two minutes before I need to leave and Nora is running around shoe-less, so I'll leave the rest of the pictures untitled, but you get the idea. Beautiful weather, wonderful people, and too much fun to bother lugging the camera with me everywhere. As usual, I failed to properly document the weekend, but oh well, it was a great time!


Rachael Dunton said...

Great weekend! The kids took some nice pictures.

Tara said...

Hmm, there are an awful lot of pics of Rachael holding babies . . . that's pretty much my memory of her that weekend, also!