Glimpses from our weekend.

Aka: I'm too tired to think about writing anything real.
Yes, those are underwear! No, she is definitely not potty trained!
Just before heading out to the beach for my company picnic:
and striking a pose.
The real excitement of our weekend was a trip to Target Saturday night where we bought appliques for Nora's walls and a rug for her floor. She is very excited about her 'new' room. I know at some point it will take more than a trip to Target to get Nora excited, but for now, I'm really enjoying it!


Hayley said...

The picture of her in the sunglasses looks EXACTLY like you when you were little and dancing around with Tara in the old house!!!!!

Tara said...

Ah, Hayley beat me to it! The comment I had all composed in my head was this:

"So apparently it's just her eyes that make Nora look like Shane, because with her hair back and her shades on, she looks just. like. you!"

And now I'm not the only one who thinks so! :)

Caitlyn said...

You guys are right- even I notice it! It's got to be the eyes that make her look so much like Shane.