Birthday Girl!

This past weekend we celebrated Nora's fourth birthday. Initially we had planned to have the party at the beach, but with a 40% chance of thunderstorms, I moved the party to my aunt's house. Of course, Murphy's Law took effect and the day was absolutely beautiful- not a cloud in the sky until the evening. Once everyone had left the single thunderstorm moved in. Oh well, Nora had a great time and we loved getting to see all our close family and friends.

Shane picked up a pinata for the kids to take a whack at. They had a great time, but thank goodness my cousin's older twins were there, otherwise they never would have broken into it!

Once the candy dropped, it was a free for all.

Next we moved inside for the cake portion of the party. Nora had picked out a butterfly cake and I supplemented it with cupcakes.

I snapped a quick picture of Eli and I towards the end of the party.

These next pictures are from just last night. Shane is on summer vacation now and has started p90x again. Nora decided, as she usually does, to join him.

Eli took notes from the swing. It won't be long before he joins them!

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Rachael Keaton said...

YEAH!!! Napless Nora is back! These pictures are so great that I have tears in my eyes. I love your pictures.