A Graduation Celebration

Last week Nora's preschool had a graduation ceremony for those kids entering kindergarten in the fall. All the kids in the class participated and sang songs. Nora was quite excited to dress up in her 'special occasion' dress from Grampa John Gary and couldn't sit still through the entire thing. On the way to the school she said, 'I just can't believe I'm in a graduation!' It was too cute.

The weather has really warmed up (well, some days) which has allowed us to get out on the deck and enjoy the spring.

Eli was born in this tub (which has since been disinfected!) and it has become our summer swimming pool on the deck. Nora is a big fan.

Finally, a quick shot I grabbed of Eli in the swing the other day. He was just waking up and making lots of faces- I just happened to catch this one. Enjoy!

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