Even though you can't really tell based on the weather, it is summer here. To celebrate, last night we went to a summer festival sponsored by the company I work for. Usually I'm consumed with a million things on the day of the festival, but this year, since I'm on maternity leave I wasn't involved in the planning/executing of the festival, so I got to enjoy it.
Nora visits the petting zoo.

Last year there wasn't a petting zoo, so it was great to see the kids enjoying one this year.

There was also a bouncy house- an instant hit, of course!

Nora made a cool sand art bottle to keep in her room. She was very proud of it.

Eli was great for a good portion of the day. He did throw quite a fit in the evening, but I think he was uncomfortable, because he proceeded to poop all over Shane right after.

Nora's super healthy dinner- a hot dog!

There was also a sock hop that evening, and Nora and Shane had a great time dancing. Thank goodness for Eli- he was my excuse to stay out of the dance tent.

Nora seemed to be having fun...

Until she decided her Dad was dancing a little too crazily.

By the end of the night both kids were totally exhausted and asleep within two minutes of leaving the festival. That's what I like to see!

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amy said...

Loving your pics!!! Hope you all are doing well. We would love to see you & the family.

~Amy M.