Did I ever tell you...

About the great little dinner party we had last week with our friends Jay and Kristin? While house sitting for Shane's aunt and uncle, we used their awesome raclette set-up. Raclette is kind of an alternative version of fondue. A tabletop grill is set up for vegetables and meat, and underneath is a broiler with individual 'shovels' for each guest. You place a piece of the special cheese in the shovel and broil it until it's melted to your liking, then pour it over your finished meat and vegetables that you've grilled and moved to your plate. Viola! A delicious meal!
I went a little overboard with the vegetables, and we ended up having two full platters of summer squash, peppers, asparagus, mushrooms, broccoli, cauliflower and red potatoes. We also had shrimp and marinated chicken. What can I say; I really love veggies.
Nora wasn't as big a fan of everything as we were. She ended up eating a yogurt instead.
We always have a great time visiting with these two, but I'm pretty sure
it's Nora they come to see. She turns up the charm for them.
The morning after the party Nora decided Elmo needed a little nurse.
She's so thoughtful.A few days later we were back at our apartment.
Nora had Camella over for a little visit and I had some fun with my camera.
Yesterday we went into town for the class I'm taking and got to visit with Nanny. Nora had some work to do on Nanny's "puter", as Nora would say.
Of course, she needed her glasses to see.
My, she really does look distinguished, doesn't she?
Finally, a nice parting shot I took on the way out of town. This is why I like to always have my camera with me. That way, when I see a nice sunset, I can try to find a place to pull over, scramble around in the back seat trying to find my camera bag, find my camera, find my zoom lens, switch lenses, jump out of the car without getting hit by another car and look like an idiot standing on the side of the road staring at the sun as cars drive by. Ah, good times.


Ashleigh Garrett Long said...

so cute! a couple things: did kristen dye her hair red? maybe i'm thinking of someone else? and...are you sure nora is ok? that cheek looks awful! :( I am so mad at Bristol.

Caitlyn said...

Yup, Kristin did dye her hair; it is the perfect color for her skin tone, looks fabulous. And yes, Nora seems to be doing great. Those pictures were from the day of/day after the incident, and it has really healed up nicely since. I'll post a recent pic soon!